Gansbaai Property Security

We offer to inspect your property at regular intervals to ensure all security features like alarm, doors, windows and security lights are in good working order.

We provide a key service whereby we securely store your keys and provide access to contractors or visitors at your request. A record is kept and stored of all movement and actions for your records.

We offer to upgrade all your entrances with locks and devices which would enable you to control access electronically and remotely, thus placing you in full control and awareness of all access to your property.

We install and maintain cameras and devices enabling you to observe your property (or view) from anywhere.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Security Inspection
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Security and View Cameras

Monthly inspection of property exterior to ensure doors, burglar bars, gates, windows, lights and alarm fully functional. Photographic record and remedial scope and specification provided.

Installation and maintenance of smart locks that can be controlled via cell phone, tablet or computer while a log is recorded of all access history.

Installation and maintenance of cameras that enables the owner to log in and view live security and view scenes at the property form anywhere in the world.