Gansbaai Property Maintenance & Improvement

1. Request Received via email or website

Upon receipt of a request for maintenance, repair or improvement, a site visit is arranged.

2. Site Inspection

A site visit is arranged to inspect the site and to establish a scope of work. The current condition is recorded photographically and a detailed specification of work required is prepared on behalf of the owner. The scope of work and specification is then presented to qualified contractors.

3. Site Meeting

A site meeting is arranged for all interested parties. All contractors will then present their estimates before a pre-arranged date.

4. Estimates Received

The estimates are the presented to the owner along with our recommendation.

5. Project Supervision

The successful contractor will perform all work under our supervision while we record progress photographically and ensure specifications and scope are strictly adhered to. Once all the work is completed, we sign off the contract providing a guarantee that all work was done in accord with the scope and specifications. All photographic records are filed and preserved for future reference.