Property Inspection

We offer to inspect your property inside and out, from roof to foundation and ceilings to floors on a prescribed period to ensure pre-emptive or remedial action is taken to maintain your property at its peak value. This drastically reduces maintenance and repair costs while ensuring your investment continues to increase in value.

Whether you visit your property for holidays periodically or operate a holiday home business, or have a long term lease agreement with third parties, this service is for you.

All inspections are photo-documented along with a written report for your and our records. This allows wear and tear degradation comparison, thus enabling a maintenance schedule to be formulated best suited for your individual property.

This also allows the identification of smaller issues that can be corrected inexpensively and timeously so as to avoid extensive and expensive damage should these be left unattended.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Bi-Annual Inspection Exterior
  • Medium to long-term Rental Inspection Service
  • Annual Inspection Interior

EXTERIOR checked from roof to foundation level. Roof checked for soundness,leaks and any potential problems. Cracks, moisture ingression and other pre-structural degeneration recorded photographically and kept on record for future comparison and remedial recommendation and post-repair record. Gutters, downpipes, windows, fascias examined and photographically recorded and kept on record for future record as above. Any structural problems noted, recorded and reported along with recommended remedial specification. Exterior finishes and surfaces examined to establish condition, expected life-span and remedial specification. Security elements- gates, fences, lights and alarm checked for proper functionality.

Regular inspections made of properties rented out  to ensure property value is maintained. Negligence,  abuse or over-use identified and reported on. Legitimate maintenance and wear-and-tear items identified early in order to be addressed and corrected at optimum expense exposure. That is , spending money at the right time, in the right way, on the correct remedial specification so as to ensure saving, while maintaining or improving the property value.

Ceiling checked for condition and moisture damage. Wall coatings and finishes (tiles etc.) checked for condition and possible moisture and/or fungal damage. Photographic record and remedial specification provided. Floors and floor finishes(tiles, carpets etc.) checked for condition and life time estimate. Plumbing fittings and seals checked for leaks and general condition. Windows inspected to ensure proper sealing of sashes and possible moisture ingression at installation joint. Cracked, broken or chipped window panes identified and remedial specification provided.