Concierge Service

We provide a full preparation service for your or your guests’ visit. This includes pre-clean of exterior and interior along with garden service so that when you arrive there is no need for you to work away the first few days of your holiday. We can wash and re-set the bedding and provide fresh towels before and during your visit. We offer to stock your home with all basics like milk, bread, butter, and other basic food requirements, as well as any alcoholic beverages like wine and beer etc. Should you have recreational vehicle in storage we provide a basic mechanical service to ensure the vehicle is in good running order upon your arrival. We are able to recommend and pre-book recreational activities for your visit.

Should your home be used by strangers, we provide an inspection service before, during and after the visit to ensure your property is utilized according to the agreement. Numbers of guests on the property can be verified to protect the owner from over-use or abuse.

After a visit we provide a full clean and re-set service. The property is inspected and suggestions made for maintenance and/or replacement of items requiring attention.

Pre-visit Preparation

We can help you with the following services:

Ceiling to floor clean. Cobwebs and dust removed. Dishes pre-washed and re-packed in place. Inside of windows cleaned. Living area aired and freshened.

Lawn cut, garden cleaned, weeds removed. Driveway and paved areas pressure cleaned. Exterior of windows cleaned. Braai/firewood supplied.

Bath and hand towels provided for use and replaced with a fresh set weekly. Dish sponges and wash cloths provided and replaced weekly.

Pre-arrival stocking of Wine, beer, milk, bread and butter and other pantry essentials.

Post-visit Service

We can help you with the following services:

Full Clean and Reset

Entire home cleaned, dishes washed and re-packed. Bedding washed and re-set. Damage, wear-and-tear and maintenance report and recommendation provided with photographic report kept on record.